Amazing Delve

The Obsidian Orb

  • Boom Boom after having a fireball lobbed directly at him, managed to quickly pass out.
  • Though they stayed alive by only the narrowest of margins, the party managed to keep Nemesis from opening a portal to a ravenous hoard of goblins and orcs.
  • But what is the intense obsidian orb that Nemesis was using? Viet picked it up and began hearing eldritch whispers making… promises.
  • As they finished exploring the caverns, they came across an unfinished mass grave containing the bodies of the [[Amazing Delve[[ cameramen and producers. What this means is still a mystery.
  • After returning to the City of Fountains, the high priest Eredhion gave chilling warnings about the obsidian orbs, promised to "deal with" Baron Vordarian and offering a new challenge.
  • The aged dwarven sorcerer, Polla Everforge, had been taken captive by a prisoner of the City of Fountains who had escaped during the chaos, [[Spencius]]. Polla had left a clue behind showing that she was being taken to the Lost Halls of Everforge.
  • It was two days travel to Everforge, where they ran into piles and piles of kobolds.
  • But during the travel, the orb continued to whisper to the party, finally breaking through to Neil, promising sweet sweet gains. Neil accepted the orb into his heart, which seems fine. I'm sure nothing will go wrong.



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