Amazing Delve

Great Axe Body Spray

24 August 2016

  • After ruining Baron VonDarion's guards that had been set by the waterfall entrance, the part took Andril Silverstrov prisoner and questioned him.
  • Andril revealed that Nemesis was currently inside the caves, with a cart full of something odd, some bugbear guards, and a hulk of some sort. He also claimed the Nemesis was a small, but great warrior.
  • Niel gave 10gp to Andril and sent him on his way, once Viet made him swear an oath to the wall and kiss his dirty, nasty shield.
  • After looting the bodies, Boom Boom found a bunch of copper, which he "threw into the damned river."
  • Just a little exploring unearthed an umber hulk that has been worked and beaten nearly to death. That did not stop it from nearly crushing the party.
  • A new business idea was hatched by Niel! "Great Axe Body Spray".
  • The game ends as the party begins battling Nemesis's bugbear guards, then Nemesis himself appears and begins to cast a fireball!



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